The centre is engaged in lots of activities for the benefit of the devotees in which you can wholeheartedly participate. Here are the activities:

Blue Light Meditation

On every Sunday between 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm community prayers are conducted. At that time a special discourse is performed by some eminent personality on subjects related to the divine aspects of life. The discourse will be followed by Blue Light meditation between 7pm-7.15pm. The Blue Light meditation is also conducted on all Special Days such as Special Dharshan day. The duration will be for half an hour-from 7 to 7-30 am on Special Dharshan day and for one hour on other days.


Sri Annai ashram houses white marble statues of Bhagwan Aravindar and Sri Annai. The devotees are allowed to do pushpanjali to the statues. No special prohit has been appointed here to perform the archana. In the whole world this ashram is the only place where the devotees can do direct archana to their deities. In no other place you can enjoy this facility. This pushpanjali is performed daily in the morning. The flowers for this pushpanjali are specially procured from Ooty.

Sri Annai has identified and accepted 898 flowers as divine flowers. These flowers are sold at the Ashram through regular flower exhibitions.

Samadhi flowers offered at Pondy are brought here and are distributed to the devotees.

At the entrance of the Ashram there is a flower tree by name ‘Transformer Tree’, whose flowers can be used during the prarthanas.

Nagalinga poo finds a special place among all the flowers due to some of its significant features. This flower, when grown in your garden, will make you far wealthier than now. Every seed of the plant will grow into 200 saplings. It will take 20 years for the plant to blossom. So far some 20,000 saplings have been sold to the devotees. This also serves the purpose of growing trees in houses, a measure that helps in protecting our environment.

A divine plant nursery has been arranged at the Mylapore centre for this purpose. There are some 400 varieties of plants at the nursery.

Vasthra Sashthram

On every Thursday a special silk vasthram (holy dress) is offered to the marble statues of Aravindar and Annai. The vasthram will be kept worn on the statues for the whole next week. You have to book for offering the vasthram well in advance at least 3 months in advance. Those who have no children and those who are searching for jobs, waiting for marriage, trying to buy a new house and also those who are suffering from chronic diseases can do their offerings. You will see that your prayer is answered in due course. If you want you can buy the Vasthram from the Ashram.

Special Prayers

Special prayers are conducted in your name during your birthdays and wedding days at the Ashram. On that occasion you will be issued special blessing cards.

Holy Sand

Holy Sand from Sri Annai Aravindar Samadhi at puduchery is collected and brought here. The sand, when applied to the foundation during the construction of your new house, will pave way for a prosperous and happy future for the inmates. Those who are afflicted with any illness will have speedy recovery if they keep the holy sand pocket at their homes.

The holy sands at the Samadhi are changed four times in a year-the dates being Feb 11,Apr 14,Aug 5 and Nov 7. The ceremony of sand changing at the Ashram takes place between 12pm-2-30pm.

Free Medical Camps

Free medical camps are conducted now and then by Sri Annai Ashram, West Mambalam, every month second sunday.

Award Function

Award Function is an annual fete at the centre. Children of devotees endowed with special talent are given ‘Latchiya Kulanthigal Award’ and those who do outstanding service to the society are given ‘Achiever’s Award’.


Every now and then the Ashram conducts special discourses during which time famous speakers give special lectures on spirituality and other related subjects.

Sri Annai Adigal’s messages

Message boards are kept on display at the West Mambalam centre and at all branches. Two kinds of messages, one from the speaches and writings of Bhagwan Aravindar and Sri Annai (Sinthanaiku-Sri Aravindar and Sri Annai) and the other by Annai Adigal are regularly written on the message boards. The messages will enlighten you on the right course you have to adopt in your life to attain peace, fame and prosperity. The message boards are regularly circulated among all the branches so that the devotees coming to the respective centre will have the opportunity of reading them.

Vijayadhasami Special Pooja

During the occasion of vijayadhasami Durga pooja, the Mahakali amsam of Sri Annai is decorated and kept for dharshan at the Puducherry Ashram. The custom is followed at the West Mambalam ashram also

Letter Correspondence

The addresses of all the devotees are preserved at the centre. They are duly informed about all the programmes of the centre. And the devotees are wished on all their Birthdays and Wedding Days. There is special divine letter format on which you can write your prarthanas. The letters will be submitted at the golden feet of Sri Annai. And the reply will come to you by post.

You can even write to us your grievances by E-mail for which right solutions will be given and the same will be sent to you back by E-mail.

Maha velvi

A Yagam by name ‘Mandira sakthi mikka maha velvi’ is performed at the ashram. Devotees can send in their grievances. While the grievances are read before sri Annai, the vibrations evoked at that time will reach you and you will find that your grievances are addressed.

Savitri Photo Exhibition

On a particular occasion every year, an exhibition called ‘Savitri Photo Exhibition’ is held at the centre.

During special dharshan days video presentation of Annai Ashram at Puducherry and Aroville are shown to the devotees. You can read and understand Savitri on special dhharsn days.

Rare photos of Sri Aravindar and Sri Annai, from their birth to smathi are also displayed at the exhibition

Class on Savitri

Savitri is a collection of spiritual experience by Sri Aravindar. As the original writing is in English, many people find it difficult to understand. To enable them to understand easily it is taught to the devotees in Tamil through regular classes. Now people areable to understand the inner meaning of Savitri versons and find a spiritual elevation within themselves.

Songs on play

36 selected songs in Tamil and Hindi are repeatedly played at the Sri Annai Ashram. The devotees who want to play them at their homes can buy them from here. Already some 25,000 CDs have been sold.

Classical Dance Class

Classes on Classical songs have already been started. Classical dance class is to start very soon.

Articles in magazines

In order to take the Ashram activities to a larger section of people, articles and advertisements are regularly published in many popular magazine. By going through the artcles and ads you will get to know more about the benefits of associating yourself with the centre. You can always contact us through phone call and E-mail.

Blessing card

At Annai ashram at puducherry blessing cards are given to the devotees. The same way here too you will receive blessing cards.

You will get all the items that you get at the Annai Ashram, Puducherry.

During the New Year occasion you will receive Mother’s calendar here only.

Life Membership Card

Life membership cards are provided to the members. You will find the advices of Sri Annai Adigal printed on the card.


The one important regular event at the ashram is monthly seminar. At the seminar you will enjoy discussions on various life changing subjects such as Time Management, designing the purpose of life etc.

What you have to do and what you are not supposed to do toachieve your life’s goal are discussed at the seminar. Subjects like spending the time usefully, avoidance of living in imagination, the futility of horoscope examination etc are also clearly discussed quoting proper case studies.

Other activities

Activities such as yoga class, pranayamam, soul awakening, distribution of flowers offered at Puducherry Sri Annai Ashram, consultation with Ashram officials are regular activities you will find at the main ashram at West Mambalam and other branches also.

Yoga is taught here in a more acceptable manner. Now people have a wrong notion about yoga. They think it is a form of exercise as performed in circus. So people are really scared of learning it. We, at the ashram, teach you the real, easy Yoga that incorporates spiritualism.

Likewise people are not aware of the real meaning of Prnayamam. With regular practice we teach you to get rid of the polluted air stored in the lungs and fill it with pure air. It has to be done daily before 6am. Then only we will be able to inhale pure, unpolluted air.

The youngsters think there is no life without love. In fact this slogan has a better relevance to air that we inhale. We can definitely live without love, but not without air, that too free air. Thus air, particularly the oxygen is the lifeline of the human life.

Through yoga and pranayamam we do the soul awakening in you. Soul is part and part and parcel of Bramham. So we are part of that Bramha too.

By practicing Kundalini yoga and reading aloud Savitri, we will have a realisation of our soul, we will develop good thoughts in our mind. Through good thoughts we will develop good habits. Through good habits we will lead a good life. Good life means, we ourselves becoming God. We should mingle with God and the line drawn between God and us should be erased and there should be oneness of both. All this is taught here not through several days, but just in one day.

Mother Matrimonial

Mother Matrimonial is a very important service offered at the centre that will guide you on the selection of proper bride and groom.

Normally people go by the horoscopes of the boy and the girl and fix matches by comparing the harmonious factors in their horoscopes. But in fact, the married life of many couple who go by this practice also end in disaster. This only indicates the irrelevance of examining the horoscope, ignoring the other important factors.

In fact what we have to examine is, how compatible the qualities and the attitudes of the boy and the girl and not how compatible the planetary positions in their horoscopes. Leaving the responsibility of alliance search to the matrimonial centres and subjecting themselves to the mercy of the astrologers. People simply sit at home as if in meditation and keep waiting for miracles to happen. Just like attaching a milking machine to the udder of a cow and waiting for the milk to be milked, people simply wait at home lazily hoping for the alliance to be set automatically.

What we have to do is, we should revert to the olden practice of searching for proper alliance through enquiries about the boy and the girl through known sources and exchange our views on the basis of our findings and start the next process of making visits to the bride’s home and vice versa and have feasts etc…

Instead of going in for the above processes, we simply do some sms and mailing and complete the entire process by simple chatting. Where does all this end? Quarrelling on simple matters and blaming each other for simple faults and exchanging cinema type dialogues…finally in divorce. Nowadays marriages are built on the bricks of lies and hence fall apart in days after the function. This is the reality in today’s marriages. There are umpteen examples to prove this.

To overcome all these problems we have prepared a questionnaire at the centre with a set of some 50 questions to be filled up by the prospective bride and the groom. On the basis of the information provided by them, negotiations can start and the process can be completed to start a successful married life.

Books & CDs

Sale of books written by Sri Annai Adigal and CDs about Puducherry Sri Aravindar Ashram is a regular activity at the Ashram.

The following books have been written by Sri Annai Adigal:

"Nodiyil palikum prarthanai muraigal"

"Anbargalin kelvigalum Sri Annai adikaalin pathilkalum"

The Tamil translation work of ‘Savitri’, the divine book written by Bhagwan Sri. Aravindar is also regularly sold at the Ashram. Savitri is a divine masterpiece written by Bhagwan Sri Aravindar and a documentation of what he visualized and an expression of all that he experienced in life. ‘Savitri’ was one of the cherished treasures of Sri Annai till She attained Maha Samadhi.

Bible, Koran and Bhagrad Ghita are holy books of Christians, Muslims and Hindus respectively. But there is no any common scripture meant for all religions. Savitri fulfills that purpose. Savitri is a holy book that can be revered by persons belonging to all religions. The book, which can be termed as the Biogrphy of God, has the power of changing one’s heart upside down and can make him a complete man. Those who own the book will not be disturbed by any natural calamities such as earthquake and is protected by Bhagavan during their trying periods. In fact this is a book supposed to have been written after 1000 years when human intellectual state will have attained yet a far higher level. The book totally contains 24,000 pathikams and was written by Bhagwan Aravindar during a course of 40 years whenever He entered into a state of Davam in solitude.

So far some 30, 000 copies of Savitri have been sold to the devotees from the ashram, a real record sale for a spiritual book.

The translation work of another book by Bhagwan Aravindar ‘Life Divine’, named as 'Thaiveega Valvu' in Tamil and the book titled as ‘Sri Aravindam’ written by Sri Annai Adigal can also be bought from the Ashram.

A monthly magazine by name ‘Sathiya Jeevitham’ is published by Annai Ashram from the main centre at west Mambalam.

Books written by Aravindar and books written about Aravindar are also sold and a libray exits at Mylapore branch of the centre where you can go sit and read all the books. The library houses all the books written about Sri Bhagavan and Sri Annai. The centre has taken upon itself the holy mission of taking the entire knowledge about the Bhagwan and Sri Annai to all the households of Tamil Nadu in the form of books. A whole lot of 50 books written by Sri Annai Adigal are to be published very soon.

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